The new book ”Health through Food”


You can buy this book now! Just send an e-mail to or to and I will send you instructions how to pay for the book. This book sold, so far, 6000 copies in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. It´s also translated to german.

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His health deteriorated with the medicines – But the food made him healthy! 

Mats Lindgren was a tired diabetic in his fifties with heart problems and chronic pain. In his book Health through Food Mats tells the story how he changed his diet, lost 8 kg, became free of ailments – and threw away his medications. Yes, he could even ditch his own glasses.

From the doctors he received no help. Although medications were prescribed, Mats health worsened. It was only when Mats changed his diet, he saw positive impacts on his health. Mats Lindgren directs sharp criticism towards the health service today and argues that it focuses mainly of the treatment of symptoms rather than analysing the causes of disease.

Nutritionist Jenny Elwe provides guidance in easily understandable ‘fact sections’ on key concepts, such as carbohydrates, fat, obesity, additives, sugar addiction, training, and inflammations etc.

Health through Food is for you who feel that you do not receive any substantial help from the established health care. For you who are curious about the LCHF-diet and want to be inspired to get started yourself. The book also includes weekly menus and good recipes suitable for the whole family.

Mats Lindgren 

is 62 years of age and lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. He runs a business with healthy groceries, ingredients and knowledge about how food affects your health. Information on how the food can be delivered to your doorstep is found at Mats lectures and organizes seminar courses about food and health. Mats blog is popular and has many interested followers at

Jenny Elwe 

is licensed dietician. She works often with Mats and organises lectures and seminar courses about diets. She is also very engaged in the questions surrounding food and how it can affect our children.

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